Elle – All Kerala WIE Day 2012

All Kerala WIE Day is a new initiative proposed by the WIE Affinity Group of College Of Engineering Chengannur for the WIE Affinity Group of Kerala Section. The first ever WIE Day Elle’12 was held at College Of Engineering Chengannur on 21st July 2012. For the first ever WIE Affinity Group of Region 10, and the proposers of WIE Forum, WIE Day was yet another new initiative to add feathers to the cap of legacy with a participation of 146 students from 13 student branches across Kerala on the day of the event and 285 students counting the online prelims. The participation count of 86 girls outweighing the count of 60 boys showcases that Elle has reached its goal of achieving PROmote GendeR Equity in Science Society (PROGRESS). The event was comprised of 2 technical, 2 managerial competitions and 2 interactive sessions carefully structured so as to give a full recipe to Inspire, Engage, Encourage and Empower for each member who attends the event.


On 21st July, the All Kerala WIE Day venue, the auditorium slowly started filling up with students, all feeling important and getting noticed with their new IEEE WIE Day portfolio files and tags. The atrium of the auditorium was impressive, and portrayed a diverse and cultural Kerala. The inaugural ceremony started off with the rendering of IEEE Code Of Ethics. The event was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Mary Matilda ( Principal, KKTM College, Kodungallur, Kerala) and was presided over by Ms. Mini Ulanat ( Student Activity Chairperson , IEEE Kerala Section ), Prof . Dr. V.P Devassia (Principal, College Of Engineering, Chengannur) , Ms. Dhivya Raj (Branch Counsellor, IEEE SB , College Of Engineering Chengannur) Ms. Nima Ann Shaji (General Convener, ELLE), Mr. Jacob Mani (Chairman, IEEE SB, CEC) and Ms. Chinchu Thomas (Chairperson, IEEE WIE AG, CEC).


The Opening keynote was delivered by Prof. Dr. Mary Matilda who gave a new insight into the women empowerment aspects, its need in building a self sufficient community for tomorrow. The short tea break after the Opening keynote was followed by the competitions and the session Spark.

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Date: 7th January 2012

Time: 9.30 AM – 5.00 PM

Venue: Seminar Hall, College of Engineering, Chengannur

No. of Participant’s: 30

The IEEE Computer Society Chapter organized ‘NEXUS 2K12’, a one day ‘Cross Platform Mobile Application Development’ hands on workshop on 7th January, 2012. This was conducted in association with Codeyssus.
A brief introduction on various Mobile Applications was given by Rahul Ramesh, the former IEEE SB Chairman of CEC. Then a session on HTML Basics was taken by Melvin John followed by a PHP coding session taken by Blesson Sam and Bipin Thomas. Later, Rahul Ramesh handled the Mobile Application Development session. Anup Sam and Jijo Sunny George helped the participants in getting their doubts clarified during the workshop.
The feedback given by the participants was positive as well. The programme came to an end by 5:00 pm.

Date: 23rd, 24th January & 25th January.

Venue: Lab 3 & Lab 5

No. of Participant’s: 60

IEEE Computer Society Chapter organized Code Racer, a C-Debugging contest for the 1st year and 2nd year students. The contest aimed at improving the programming skills, typing speed and C-debugging knowledge.

The competition was conducted in two levels, the preliminary and the finals. In the preliminary round the students were given a faulty code and they were asked to enter and correct the code. The one who compiled it first without any bugs was qualified for the next round. After the prelims, 6 students were qualified to the finals.

The finalists were Adikeshav, Binu S, Darshana Raju, Nidheesh Vijay, Amal Jose & Navaneeth. The final round of this competition was conducted on 25th January.

Date: 25th January 2012

Time: 9:30 AM – 11:50 AM

Venue: Auditorium, College of Engineering, Chengannur

No. of Participant’s: 129

The inauguration ceremony of the yearlong Crystal Jubilee Celebrations of IEEE Student Branch, College of Engineering, Chengannur & launch of Special Interest Group on FOSS (SIG-FOSS) was conducted on 25th January 2012.

Mr Satish Babu, Chairman, IEEE Kerala section was the Chief Guest of the Event.

The following persons were the Guests present for the Inauguration

· Prof Dr V.P Devassia , Principal ,College of Engineering ,Chengannur

· Mr Jyothiraj V.P ,HOD, ECE Department , Academic In-Charge

· Ms Divya Raj , Branch Councillor, IEEE SB , College of Engineering , Chengannur

· Smt Nisha Kuruvilla , Asst. Prof ECE Department , College Of Engineering, Chengannur

The program began with a silent prayer followed by the rendering of code of ethics by
Ms Chinchu Thomas, Chairperson; WIE Affinity Group, College of Engineering Chengannur (CEC).
Mr Jacob Mani, Chairman; IEEE SB, CEC welcomed the Gathering. Prof Dr V.P Devassia then gave the presidential address; he noted the high trends set by CEC in IEEE and the exemplary work done by the student volunteers during the past 15 years.
Afterwards Mr Mahadev A, Secretary; IEEE SB, CEC presented a brief history about IEEE CEC in the last 15 years. He highlighted the main achievements and laurels bagged by IEEE SB of CEC during the past 15 golden years.

Mr Nikhil S, Chairman, Computer Society gave the introduction to the Special Interest Group-FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). He put across the Vision & Mission of the SIG (Special Interest Group).The lighting of the lamp was done by Mr. Satish Babu, Prof. Dr V.P Devassia & other dignitaries in the dais. Mr Satish Babu then gave the inauguration speech and inaugurated the Crystal Jubilee Celebrations as well as the SIG-FOSS. He congratulated the present & past volunteers, Past Branch Counsellors and Principal in setting a benchmark in IEEE Student Activities.

Prof Jyothiraj, Head of the Department, Electronics and Communication gave the felicitation. Prof Nisha Kuruvilla, Former Branch Counsellor also gave the felicitation. She improvised on the benefits of IEEE in a student’s career and the role in building leadership quality by being an active volunteer in IEEE activities. Then Ms Divya Raj gave the felicitations. She congratulated the past members and wished the best of success in their endeavours in the coming years.

There was Prize Distribution for Coderacer, a C debugging contest organized Computer Society Chapter. It was distributed by Mr.Satish Babu .The Inauguration Ceremony ended with vote of thanks by Mr Mahadev A.

After a brief snack break the 2nd session began. It consisted of technical talk and interactive session by Mr Satish Babu. He talked about the evolution of various operating systems, the benefits of FOSS and about the various upcoming operating systems and mobile platforms. He highlighted the importance of Linux and its various advantages. Many students were inspired & motivated by the session as they understood the importance of FOSS. The session ended at 11:50 am and a set of CDs consisting of free software’s was also distributed as a part of the inauguration of the SIG-FOSS.

Date: 2nd February 2012

Time: 4:00pm -5:30pm

Venue: Auditorium

No. of Participants: 120

As part of Crystal Jubilee Celebrations, CEC IEEE WIE had organised student ethics competition, L’ATTITUDE ’12 of which the prelims was conducted on February 2, 2012. This competition was mainly conducted to create awareness among the students about the significance of the IEEE Code of Ethics in their professional as well as personal lives.

An awareness session on IEEE code of ethics was taken by Ms Bhavna S N, LINK WIE Co-ordinator and Ms Meenu Saji, an active TPC member (Training and Placement Cell).

· This session had helped the participants, especially first year students to get an overall idea about the competition as well.

Then they were given six questions challenging their attitude, related to real life and professional situations. The prelims winded up at 5:30 pm.

Out of sixty teams participated, five best teams were shortlisted. The grand finale of L’ATTITUDE ’12 was conducted on February 6, 2012 in the Old Auditorium at 4:00pm. The judging panel was comprised of Mr. Senu George (Lecturer in Technical Communication and Social Science, CEC), Ms. Bhavna S N, Ms. Meenu Saji and Mr. Jacob Mani (IEEE SB Chairman). A case study was given to the contestants and they made a PowerPoint presentation which was followed by an oral defence session. The competition came to an end at 5:30pm.

Time: 09:30am – 12:30 pm

Venue: 402 classroom

The IEEE student branch of College of Engineering Chengannur conducted a mock GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) on 4th February 2012.The three hour mock test started at 9.30 am and was conducted in the classroom 302. The mock test was open to all final year students of the Computer Science and Electronics and Communication branches.

· The aim of the event was to offer a freepracticesession to the students so that they can analyse their performance and fine-tune theirstrategies.

The performanceanalysiswas made based on the score and rank. The question papers, OMR sheet and the answer keys were distributed to all the aspirants who could not attend the test. There was a positive feedback on the quality of question paper and the syllabus covered.Ms Chinchu Thomas, Ms Tessy Joseph John, Mr Ashwin Babu and Mr Karthikvolunteered the event.

Date: 10th February 2012

Time: 04:15pm – 05:30 pm

Venue: Seminar Hall

No. of Participant’s: 30

The IEEE SB CEC organised an introductory class on Basic electronics and circuits on 8th February 2012 in the Seminar Hall.

· The main aim of the session was familiarise the first year students with the electronic components.

The class commenced at 4:15 in the evening. Mr.Sujith K.S and Mr. Vishnu Somanath of S6-A Electronics and Communication Department were the presenters. A presentation was made on the topic and in which a detailed description of the basic electronic components like resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors was given. The students familiarized various electronic components and equipments with special emphasis on troubleshooting. The students had a fruitful session where they could clear their doubts and know more about Electronic Components.

On the whole, a positive feedback followed from the students. At the end, a vote of thanks was given appreciating the efforts of the speakers.

Date: 14th February 2012

Time: 04:15pm – 06:00 pm

Venue: CUSAT

No. of Participant’s: 30 Students and 10 Professional members

IEEE R10 Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology presented ‘BBOX Rural Electrification Project Workshop’ co-organized by CUSAT and IEEE SB CEC on 14th February 2012 at Cochin University of Science & Technology. The event started at 4.15 pm.The session was taken by Mr. Sudeep and Mr. Varun of BBOXX, UK. Mr. Amarnath Raja, Chair IEEE Humanitarian Ad-Hoc Committee, Mr. Shahim Baker, Secretary IEEE Kochi Sub-section, and Smt. Mini Ulanat, Lecturer, CUSAT were also present in the event.

BBOX is basically a battery which is used as a Power Source in rural areas. This battery is transported daily by their user to itscharging point in day time
and used during night time has a backup up to 6 hours. It has been quite successfully implemented and maintained in Africa.

The event covered the following topics:
· BBOX Technology from basics.
· How this technology fits in a country like India.

The speakers acquainted the participants on how to sustain humanitarian projects. It made the participants understand how to convert their projects into products, model and take it into entrepreneurship. The feedback given by the participants was positive as well. The programme came to an end by 6:00 pm.

Date: 17th February 2012

Time: 01:00pm – 02:00 pm

Venue: Seminar Hall

No. of Participant’s: 25

WIE affinity group of College Of Engineering, Chengannur organised a session on Paper Presentation on 17th February in the Seminar Hall. The session was handled by the former Branch Councillor of IEEE CEC, Prof. Nisha Kuruvila (Department of Electronics).

· The aim of the session was to explain to the students the type, purpose and the format of technical paper.

An introduction about IEEE journals, transactions were also given. This session was interactive and the students cleared their doubts on topics related to the same. On the whole, a positive feedback followed from the students. The session came to an end by 2 pm.

Date: 18th February, 2012

Venue: Thenmala dam and Power Station

No. of Participants: 110

The IEEE Student branch of College of Engineering, Chengannur organised an Industrial visit for the second year students. The team under the guidance of 6 staff members departed from the college at 7:00am and reached the destination by 9:30am. The students were divided into groups, with each group accompanied by one staff member, for visiting the dam as well as for an introduction of how hydroelectricity was being generated in the power station.

Thenmala dam impounds the longest reservoir in the state and water from the reservoir is used for the generation of 15MW electricity by the Kerala State Electricity Board.

The visit to the power station presented the student community with an opportunity to familiarise with the various equipments employed in power generation which they have only studied or heard of. The generating station has two 7.5MW power plants running on low head Kaplan turbine. The students acquainted in detail with the cooling and governing mechanisms followed in the plant. The plant is manually synchronized and has not yet been converted to scads. The engineers and technicians offered commendable support and guidance throughout the visit which concluded by 2:00pm.

After lunch, the crew had a great time at the Thenmala Adventure zone which included rock climbing, river crossing, boating, etc. and was followed by a visit to Palaruvi eco forest.

The event fetched a positive feedback from the participants. The visit proved to be exceptionally beneficial particularly for the EEE students. The sincere co-operation and participation of the participants as well as the earnest efforts of the volunteers paid off in making the event informative, entertaining and adventurous.

Date: 22nd and 23rd February 2012
Time: 04:00pm – 05:30 pm
Venue: Project Lab
No. of Participant’s: 20

An ORCAD Workshop was organized jointly by WIE IEEE CEC and PRODEC on 22nd and 23rd February 2012 in the Project Lab of College of Engineering Chengannur.

  1. · The workshop was mainly intended for the students of S6 batch to help them acquainted with the PCB designing.

The first day session was handled by Mr. Rijin and Mr. Jinu of S6 Electronics Batch. An introduction to ORCAD was given and the initial step of designing circuits using ‘Capture’ was explained.

The second day was handled by Mr. Sebin Philip of S8A batch. This session was a continuation of the previous session in which the students were made to extend their circuits designed in the ORCAD Capture to ORCAD Layout. The workshop helped the students develop their PCB designing skills.

A positive feedback was followed from the students. They showed immense eager to study the concepts and clear their doubts.

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