CEC IEEE WIE organised student ethics competition, L’ATTITUDE ’13 of which the prelims was conducted on February 18, 2012. This competition was mainly conducted to create awareness among the students about the significance of the IEEE Code of Ethics in their professional as well as personal lives. Then they were given six questions challenging their attitude, related to real life and professional situations. The prelims winded up at 5:30 pm.
So out of 32 teams, five best teams were shortlisted. The finale of L’ATTITUDE ’13 was conducted on February 25, 2013 in the Old Auditorium at 4:00pm. The judging panel was comprised of Mr Ajin Baby, IEEE GOLD MEMBER Kerala Section, Ms. Chinchu Thomas, IEEE WIE Chairperson and Mr. Jacob Mani, IEEE SB Chairman. A case study was given to the contestants and they made a PowerPoint presentation which was followed by an oral defence session. The competition came to an end at 5:30pm.
The feedback from the participants was encouraging and overwhelming. The competition had indeed helped them to develop the practice of applying ethical concepts to typical real situations also. They related that it was a very memorable and worthwhile event.


IEEE Student Quality Improvement Program – Computer Science

IEEE Student Branch, College of Engineering, Chengannur and Training and Placement Cell jointly organized a six days long internship training program from 13th-18th May 2013 for 2nd year and 3rd year Computer Science Students. IEEE Student Quality Improvement Program (ISQIP) offered both technical and managerial sessions for the students which were aimed at moulding them into Industry Ready Professionals. A total of 60 students attended the event. During the first two days, the students were introduced to HTML5, CSS and JAVASCRIPT. The managerial session included topics like ‘Social Media Profile Optimization’, ‘Email Etiquette’ and ‘Resume Making’ on the third day. During the next three days they had classes on PYTHON, RUBY ON RAILS orPHP as parallel tracks.


CECISQIP started on 13th May 2013, Monday, with a technical session on HTML5, CSS and JAVASCRIPT by Mr.Rahul Ramesh and Mr.Melvin John. The session started by 9.30AM with a welcome speech. ShahulHameed (Chairman, IEEE COMPUTER SOCIETY, IEEE SB CEC) gave a brief overview about the motive behind CECISQIP and its expected benefits for the students. Rahul Ramesh(COO,Codeyssus) geared up the session with an introductory session on servers, domains and other basic in formations. Following that Melvin John( Co-founder, Codessyus) explained about HTML5 and basic tags. After completing this, the class proceeded to the first step of building an app.

The next day, the students were taught the basics of CSS by Rahul Ramesh and they also made theirway to the 2nd step of the app development. After the lunch break, JQUERY was discussed and practised and thus the students made it to the 3rd and final step of the app development.
By the end of first two days, the students were powered up with confidence and excitement as it was the first experience of most of the students to build an app.


The session started at 10AM with a welcome speech. The session by Mr.Vijay S Paul (Co-Founder, IzeCreative) helped the students to know how important it is to maintain a smart profile on a social network. The advantages and importance professional networks such as LinkedIn was emphasized.

In the afternoon session, Mr.Ajin Baby (Chief Operations Officer at VeebleSoftTech) spoke about the ‘Email ettiquette’. After these sessions, the students where familiarised with ‘Resume Making’ and they were also explained the do’s and don’ts for the same. The students were asked to prepare their own resume by the end of the session.

The class had a good response from the crowd and was very informative as it made the corporate world scene more clear and easy to the students

DAY 4, 5 & 6:

After the basic HTML classes and the managerial sessions, the students had a two day workshop on Ruby on Rails. The session started at 9.15AM and was led by Harishankar P S (Chief Innovations Officer, Ruby Kitchen). The forenoon session gave an overall idea about Ruby on Rails and also a brief history of Ruby. The class resumed at 1.30PM after an hour long lunch break. During the afternoon session, the students got familiarised with the basic Rail commands and began building their first app on the Ruby platform.
The second day began with an entry into Model View Controller architecture. More topics were covered and the applications of Ruby into Rails were done. The studentssuccessfully completed a live app by the end of the workshop. The Session came to an end by 5PM.

The two day session was attended by 15 students and the session gave them a strong base on ‘Ruby on Rails’.

The Python workshop was conducted byMr.Rahul Ramesh(Chief Operations Officer at Codeyssus).The Session commenced with an introduction into Python basics and then on the second day the students were introduced to Django. Django is a high-level Python Web Framework that encourages rapid development and clean pragmatic design. This was followed by a hands-on session wherein the students made a ‘ToDoApp’ following the instructions given by Rahul Ramesh. Within a short span every student got hooked into Python and were seen developing Apps.

The three day session was attended by 30 students and the Session helped everyone get introduced to Python and Django Framework. At the end of the session there was confidence in every face that they would definitely dive more into Python with the solid base that they received from the session taken by Rahul Ramesh.

Mr.Nakul E Sibiraj (Chief Technology Officer at Verbicio Tech LLP) conducted the 3 day workshop on PHP.On 16th May, the classes began at 9:30 am after a brief welcome speech by ShahulHameed (Chairman, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE SB CEC). In the forenoon session, firstly elementary concepts of PHP were introduced, followed by PHP variables, operators, conditional Logic – if statements and arrays. The class resumed at 1:30 pm after one hour lunch break. Then PHP loops, functions, forms and user input were explained and illustrated using a simple application.

The next day the students familiarized database, introduction to workhorses of SQL, MySQL, MySQL queries, fetching data sets, creating and deleting databases.

On 18th May, class began at 9:30 am. It was taught how to include files, upload files. Then PHP mail () function, PHP sessions and PHP Cookies were introduced. The session concluded by 12:30 and following which feedbacks were collected.

The three day session was attended by 15 students and the participants, mainly the second year students, were boosted up with confidence to do the mini-projects by themselves in PHP. The classes were very knowledgeable and guiding for the students.

On 18th May 2013, ISQIP for Computer Science students came to an end. In the closing ceremony, Prof.Jyothiraj V P (The Principal, College of Engineering, Chengannur) and C.V.Anilkumar (Associate Prof. in ECE Department and Branch Counselor, IEEE SB CEC) addressed the gathering. AbeyEasow Joseph (Chairman, IEEE SB CEC) also addressed the gathering and congratulated the CECISQIP team. Rahul and Nakul were presented with mementos as a token of gratitude from IEEE SB CEC. Certificate of Appreciation for the volunteers were distributed. ShahulHameed (Chairman, IEEE CS, IEEE SB CEC) rendered the vote of thanks.

IEEE Student Quality Improvement Program – Electronics and Communication

In a fast paced corporate world being a professional is a necessity. As a step to cut the first turf CEC IEEE &TPC( Training and Placement Cell) joined hands to concoct ISQIP (IEEE STUDENT QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM) aiming CEC students of Electronics and Communication batch. The initiative was intended to mould up the students into industry ready professionals. It not only paved a way to ponder more about the summer internship opportunities but also envisaged an industrial approach towards their field of study. This was led by the alumni team of CEC. It was a six day program scheduled as below:

• DAY 1,2: Industry oriented training program
• DAY 3 : Session 1: Resume build up & an introduction to corporate world
Session 2: Comprehensive aptitude training
• DAY 4 : OrCAD
• DAY 5,6 : WinSpice , MAGIC, iVerilog

DAY 1, 2:
The industry oriented training program was led by a team of three from Mistral Solutions Pvt Ltd, Banglore – Sarath Mohan, Jayakrishnan K, and SangameshRagate. The session gave more insight into Scilab, CPLDs and FPGAs & Industrial instruments.
The day 1 had SangameshRagate handling basics on DSP and Discrete Fourier waveforms of basic sine waveform followed by a hands on session on Scilab and thus students simulated some sample programs on DFT and AM modulation.
The second day bestowed us with a power point presentation on Xilinx, Spartan 3 and various FPGA kits by Sarath Mohan. This was followed by a session handled by Jayakrishnan K on Board design and its various design parameters. Students were divided into four batches and basic concepts of RTL coding were explained. And a sample LED blinking program was simulated on the FPGA kits. It ended up with the explanation on working and industrial applications of Logic Analyzer. All the speakers were felicitated with a memento by Sam K Sumesh (Asst. Professor in ECE department).

DAY 3:
Resume reflects professional image of a person. Arjun R Pillai, CEO of Profoundis geared up the resume build up session. Students got an exposure towards a proper resume making. The corporate world enigma was wiped out with his interactive session. The session was winded up at 12:30pm and Anilkumar C V ( Associate Prof. in ECE Dept) presented the memento.
The second half of the day was handed over to Saira Sara Sam for comprehensive aptitude training. An aptitude test was conducted at the end of the day. It had effectively helped the students to tackle their fear towards aptitude session in competitive examinations. The session was ended up with the memento presentation by AyoobKhan T E ( Associate Prof. in ECE Dept).

DAY 4:
Miniprojects have become the product of companies rather than students themselves. This day of OrCAD session by SarathSasi, Design Engineer – Inometrics, inspired students to think different. Students were asked to design a monostablecircuit using 555 timer IC which was followed by a step by step explanation on PCB fabrication using OrCad. The session came to an end at 4:30pm and Dr. C Gopakumar (Asst. Prof, ECEDept) presented the memento.

DAY 5& 6:
These days laid the first stone to delve into the scopes of softwares and tools in VLSI designing. The focus was given on Winspice, Magic, iVerilog guided by Akhilesh Vijay who is currently pursuing M.Tech at Amrita College of Engineering, Coimbatore.
The concept of ASIC flow (Application Specific IC) was imparted to the students in the first half of the day. WinSpice session helped the students in simulating the circuits of CMOS inverter and NAND gate. In the second half, basic concepts of VLSI on Introduction to Layout and design rules were explained.
The session on Magic and iVerilog was taken on the next day. Students were made to draw the layout of CMOS inverter and NAND gate using the tool, MAGIC which was one of the most interesting sessions. Then they simulated a few sample programs of half adder & full adder using iVerilog software. This session was an eye-opener to various softwares available for making the task of an electronics engineer amiable. Akhilesh was presented the memento by Dr.NishaKuruvilla (HOD in ECE Dept) and thus the session came to an end at 4:30pm.
At the end of the session, individual participation certificates were distributed to all. The feedback from students was encouraging and overwhelming and they requested the ISQIP team to come up with more sessions in future. The culmination of the saga was the students debuting with inspired minds and envisioned thoughts.


The IEEE WIE Affinity Group, College of Engineering Chengannur celebrated AURA, WIE Week from 1st – 5th October 2013. It was centred on the theme ‘To be solo, to be stronger’ and comprised of various technical workshops, competitions and talks. It was conducted with an objective to bring girls to the spotlight and celebrate the power and confidence that education encompasses. The following events were conducted as part of Aura,


2.Tech’s N Tips

3.CMS Workshop

4.Best Lady Personality Competition

5. Paper Presentation

6. STAR Programme

WIE affinity group of College of Engineering, Chengannur conducted circuitrix, a circuit designing competition on 30th September 2013 at 4pm as a part of WIE week celebration.

The contestants were divided into a group of 2.They were given the components and the circuit diagrams. The first team that wired the circuit and showed the output was declared as the winner.

Ms.Bency Varghese,a faculty of electronic department was the judge and the first position was bagged by K.Pooja Prabhakar and Divya R of S3F,followed by Krishna S Nair and Juhy Varghese of s3A and s3b respectively. The participants enjoyed the competition and requested for more similar events in the future.

TECH’S N TIPS –Computer Formatting Class, a Women In Computing Event, was organised on 1st October 2013 and was conducted by Mr. Tony Tom ( 2015 CS) and focussed on the basics of computer formatting.

Installing an operating system, erasing data on the computer’s hard drive, re-installing the OS, dual boot, creating backup files and methods of file retrieval were some of the topics dealt with in detail. This was followed by an interactive session were common doubts and questions were dealt with.

The workshop on Content Management System was conducted by Mr. Shahul Hameed (2014 CS).The workshop began with an introduction to web developing and designing using popular scripting languages. Content Management System (CMS) when juxtaposed with these is much simpler, easy to understand and manoeuvre.

The basic aspects of WordPress, a CMS based software that can be used for simplified publication of web content, without using any scripting or coding was also discussed. The participants were then made to design a webpage of their own using WordPress.

Prizes were awarded to Ms. Veena Kannan (2016 CS) and Ms. Jisha Mary Mathew (2016 EC) for their website design and creativity at the end of the workshop.

This contest aimed at filtering out competitive, outgoing girls who were both tech savvy and possessed good people skills and further choose a Best Lady Personality after two challenging rounds as mentioned below.

Preliminary Round- Aptitude Test

The test was conducted on 27 September 2013 from 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm with over 85 students in attendance. It comprised sections on logical reasoning, latest technology and ethics. A total time of 35 minutes was allotted to answer 30 questions. Out of 81 participants, a group of 10 were shortlisted for round two

Final round- Group Discussion and Product Marketing

This round commenced with a group discussion where the topic, “CHALLENGES FACED BY WOMEN PROFESSIONALS” was expounded. Mr Nikhil K(Lecturer in Electrical and Electronics Engineering), Miss Teenu Philip (Lecturer in Computer Science Engineering) and Miss Sharika Jose( Lecturer in Electronics and Communication Engineering) were the judges for the event. For the latter part of this round, each participant was given 3 minutes to prepare and another 3 minutes to sell an imaginary product given to them.

Anagha Baby (2017 CS) bagged the title of AURA 2K13-Best Lady Personality.

This session was handled by Dr.Nisha Kuruvilla(HOD, Electronics and Communication Engineering, CEC) and focussed mainly on the various facets of making a good paper presentation in a national/ international conference. A thorough discussion on how to choose a topic, resource materials and do original research work so as to substantiate the paper presented was also conducted. Further, an interactive session was also held where queries regarding the same were dealt with.

With a myriad of career options to choose from these days, more than informed choices, ones of a much shallower provenance seems to be in vogue. Be it peer pressure, decisions out of coercion, indifference or lack of information, choosing a stream of interest to pursue higher education is no cakewalk. This is precisely why informed choices are imperative to produce productive professionals. The WIE Affinity Group of IEEE SB, CEC conducted a STAR Programme at St. Gregorius School, Mudangavu for the students of standard 11 and 12 hoping to achieve this imperative. The programme aimed to create awareness among higher secondary school students on career options, technology and IEEE.

SATVIKA – IEEE Kochi Hub WIE Congress

Day 1

The event began on 2nd August 2013 with the inaugural ceremony. It began with a silent prayer followed by the rendering of the IEEE Code of Ethics by Irene Susan Mathew, WIE Coordinator, IEEE Kochi Hub. Next Mr. Anil Kumar CV, Branch Counsellor, IEEE Student Branch, College of Engineering, Chengannur gave the welcome address. Next Prof. V P Jyothiraj, Principal, College of Engineering, Chengannur delivered the presidential address. He wished the organizers and participants all success and asked them to enhance their technical skills through IEEE. This was followed by the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest, RashmiBansal, entrepreneur and author. Then she gave her keynote address, in which she mentioned the challenges faced by women in the course of entrepreneurship, ways to overcome them and about entrepreneurs who have made their mark in this world despite the challenges they faced.

Then Ranjith Nair, Chairman,GOLD, IEEE Kerala Section spoke to the audience representing the WIE E- cell, an intiative of WIE Kerala section to enhance the number of women entrepreneurs and their startups. He briefly discussed about the future activities of WIE E-Cell. Asa kick start event of this initiative, WIE group of IEEE Kerala Section had collaborated with Satvika.
Mr Srinivasan R, Section Chair IEEE Kerala, then took the stage and defined what WIE stands for and also spoke about the gender bias that is still prevailing in our society. He talked about empowering the female section especially in India. He also emphasized on WIE E-Cell initiative which extensively supports “All women startups in Kerala”.
Then Mr.Shahim Baker, Secretary, IEEE Kochi Subsection, Mrs.Nisha Kuruvilla, Head of the Department, Electronics and Communication, College of Engineering, Chengannur, Mr. Shaun Thomas, IEEE SB Mentor and Ms.Vishaka Khona, Student Representative, IEEE Kochi Hub gave their felicitations. The inaugural ceremony came to an end with the vote of thanks by Mr.Abey Easow Joseph, Chairman, IEEE Student Branch, College of Engineering, Chengannur.
The inaugural ceremony was followed by an interactive session with Ms.RashmiBansal. She was asked various questions about entrepreneurship, about her experiences in starting a business and the challenges she faced as a woman. She advised the participants to never give up on their dreams and to keep on trying till they achieve their target.

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The awareness session was followed by the preliminary round of Best Manager Competition.

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The 55444 Hackathon was conducted with the aim to get in female developers in the community, with the hope that applications from their point of view will bring variety to the 55444 app store. In the first day, Mr. Nazim Mustafa, gave an overview about the 55444 Hackathon and basic coding requirements. The students were asked to submit their ideas within the three days and their completed app within one week after the event.

For the top applications that were created during Hackathon, the prizes were as follows-

First Place: Mr.Rahul Roy Mattam ( Model Engineering College Ernakulam)

Second Place: Students of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam

Third Place: Ms.Tessy Joseph ( College of Engineering Chengannur)

The ‘55444 TECHIE GIRL’ title was awarded to Tessy Joseph, who also won the third place.

Day 2 & Day3

The UX workshop was conducted with the aim of helping developers create their own designs for their apps, websites and software. The session was conducted by Mr.GopikrishnanSasikumar, freelance designer and Mr.Bipin Thomas, Microsoft Certified Professionaland Software Engineer at Avanade Inc.

The workshop started with an introductory session by Mr.Gopikrishnan.The session focussed on the introduction to the basics of Photoshop. Next the students were grouped into 8 teams and were asked to design a logo of their choice.

On the second day, the class was led by Mr.Bipin Thomas and the students were shown a webpage and taught how to design it. The entire batch were divided it a group of three or two and each group was mentored individually.

The power packed first session, ‘Introduction to Entrepreneurial Motivation’ was led by Mr.Christin Emmanuel George, Co-founder and CEO of MindHelixTechnosol. He spoke about the various pre- requisites to starting a company and gave real life examples to substantiate what he said.

Vijay S Paul, Co-founder of IZE Creative, who handled the second session on ‘Why should students take Social Media seriously?’ explained how one’s social media profile can act as a deciding factor when it comes to companies hiring you. He also introduced the idea of ‘Elevator Pitch’ and urged all students to set a goal and according to one’s own strengths.

The next session, “Product Based – Powering FOSS based Startups”, was conducted by Mr.Anoop Thomas Mathew, Co-founder and CTO of Profoundis Labs. He gave a brief idea about startup business models, developing services, selling support for and providing consultancy on open sources.

This was followed by an Interactive Session based on the legal and marketing aspects of start-ups, which was the last programme for the day. The students interacted with Mr.Christin Emmanuel George, Mr.Anoop Thomas Mathew and Mr.Ajin Baby, Chief Operating officer of Veeble Soft-tech.

The next day started with a session on ‘Facilities available for Entrepreneurial Ventures in Kerala’. Mr.Sreenath K Menon, Mr.Anoop K Nayak, Mr.SankaranNamboothiri and Mr.ShahulHameed, student ambassadors of ICFOSS, a Kerala government based incubator took a session about the history and aim of ICFOSS and their start-up program. Details were given regarding the concept, target groups, seed funding and entry to a FOSS project.

Ms. Ruby Peethambharan, Co-founder of 4th Ambit,talked about her startup venture and the challenges she faced as a woman entrepreneur.

The next session by Mr.Anoop K Nayak was aimed at acquainting the participants with the concept of Pitch with regard to the ‘Pitch Your Ideas’ contest which was next in line. The importance of an apt PowerPoint Presentation was discussed in-depth by Ms.Nileena G.S and Mr.Sankar Das.

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The workshop started with the introductory class by the speaker, Mr.AswinBabu. The lecture focused on the basics of microcontrollers and the Hardware stimulation software (Proteus).The afternoon session gave an overview about embedded systems. PIC microcontrollers’ programming was explained using Micro C.

On the second day, the sessions were based on logical applications using PIC, switches and interfacing DC motors.

Finally the three days came to an end with the closing ceremony on 4th August 2013 at 2:00 PM. The chief guest of the event was Mr.Sijo Kuruvilla George, CEO of Startup Village. The event was presided over by Prof. C.V. Anil Kumar, Branch Counsellor, IEEE Student Branch, College of Engineering Chengannur.

AbeyEasow Joseph, Chairman, IEEE SB, CEC, delivered the Welcome address. Later, students came up with exciting pitches of their entrepreneurial dreams in the ‘Pitch your Idea’ contest having Mr.SijoKuruvilla and Mr.Arjun R Pillai on the judging panel. Mr. Paul Ansel, VSAC, IEEE Kochi subsection, also addressed the gathering.

TRAILS, the IEEE CEC Souvenir remarking the Crystal Jubilee Celebrations, was released by Mr.Arjun R Pillai, Secretary, Promotion of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, IEEE Kerala Section and CEO of Profoundis by handing the first copy to Mr.SijoKuruvilla , CEO of Startup Village, Kochi.

This was followed by an interactive session with Mr.Kuruvilla. The event came to a close with Ms. Irene Susan Mathew, WIE Coordinator of IEEE Kochi Hub delivering vote of thanks.

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