Power and Energy Society

Power and Energy Society

The Power & Energy Society (PES) provides the world’s largest forum for sharing the latest in technological developments in the electric power industry, for developing standards that guide the development and construction of equipment and systems, and for educating members of the industry and the general public. Members of the Power & Energy Society are leaders in this field, and they — and their employers — derive substantial benefits from involvement with this unique and outstanding association.

The Mission of PES is:

To be the leading provider of scientific and engineering information on electric power and energy for the betterment of society, and the preferred professional development source for our members ~ Approved by the IEEE PES Governing Board, 17 July 2003

PES’ Field of Interest is:

The scope of the Society embraces research, development, planning, design, construction, maintenance, installation and operation of equipment, structures, materials and power systems for the safe, sustainable, economic and reliable conversion, generation, transmission, distribution, storage and usage of electric energy, including its measurement and control.

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Your membership in PES can be a very valuable asset if you know how to take advantage of it. Maximize your investment in your technical and professional life with PES’s help. The links below will take you to web pages where you can learn about PES and find out how both you and the Society will benefit from your membership, especially when you are actively engaged. We look forward to your participation!

  • Meetings & Conferences: Stay up-to-date with latest advances, hear from leaders from the profession and network with your colleagues, participate as an author or organizer. PES sponsors or co-sponsorsconferences and meetings throughout the year around the world. Be sure to visit ourcalendar links to conference web pages.
  • Chapters: Chaptersare the local arm of PES. Find your local chapter here and get the most from your membership. Link to individual chapters’ web page, connect to chapter officer rosters, chapter manuals, awards & contests, student activities, and much more.
  • Resource Center: One of the most exciting membership benefits from PES. This great database gives you access to Technical Reports and Tutorials produced by our Society’s Technical Committees. It also showcases media such as videos and presentation slides from our PES-sponsored conferences around the world. All this content is freely available to PES members.
  • Publications:PES publishes an award winning magazine that is a key benefit of your membership. You have the option of subscribing to any of five journals at low member rates. Find out how to submit a paper for review and possible publication.Links to the online version ofIEEE Power & Energy Society magazine. You might also be interested in our IEEE Electrification Magazine that comes as a quarterly subscription and covers topics concerning vehicles, ships, trains, planes and spacecraft. Keep up to date with the latest eNews Update, connect to the Transaction paper abstracts, PES digital libraries, PES letters, Special Publications, PES videos and more.
  • Technical Committees: PES is home to more than25 technical, coordinating and standards development committees. Find the scopes that matches your interests. Participate as a volunteer or contribute to the knowledge they provide.
  • Education: We havenumerous educational programs available to members that are provided by PES and IEEE. Find the links to the Education Committee and Programs such as Plain Talk, PES Distinguished Lecturer, andPES-Careers.
  • Workforce: The Workforce Collaborative is a partnership of industry, government and universities working together to address electric power industry workforce challenges. Learn about collaborative’s objectives, organization, description, background and workforce issues.
  • Become a PESVolunteer:Volunteers are active members of our Society who are involved in all aspects of technical, educational, and administrative areas.Opportunities includejoining technical committees, becoming involved in a chapter, being a webmaster and helping organizea conference or meeting, among many other options.We have many resourcesavailable to our volunteers right here on the website.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Email us pes@ieee.org.

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