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The IEEE Student Branch of College of Engineering, Chengannur formed on the 16th of September, 1996. What started as a small initiative for the technical advancement of the students, is now one of the most vibrant Student Branches of the Asia Pacific Region (Region 10) and Kerala Section. The student branch has always taken pride in raising the calibre, nurturing technical interests, exploring managerial skills, enculturating fidelity, accelerating career goals, strengthening ambition and brightening the future of its student members thereby contributing productive and socially committed engineers to society. Through seminars, workshops, technical festivals and competitions, the Student Branch is ardent in helping its student members to update their knowledge and skills with technology which is advancing by leaps and bounds.

A Developer Community (DevCom) was created with the sole intention of developing and fostering technical expertise in students by providing them with a platform to acquire the much needed technical skills in today‘s times.


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IEEE Student Branch,
College of Engineering, Chengannur Alapuzha, Kerala
Email: chairman_ieee@ceconline.edu

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